Innovating Tasmania.

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Innovating Tasmania.

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Our Purpose

To empower our clients by giving them better control and visibility of their ICT and digital resources  

At Virtual IT, we believe that there is a requirement for a reliable, transparent, and honest ICT solutions provider in Tasmania.
We want our clients to have the best possible experience with their ICT and we strive to deliver that.

Need support?

Virtual IT has over 50+ years of experience on our team. Whether it’s setting up your new office PC or deploying a highly scalable VDI solution for 1000+ users, Virtual IT has the skills and knowledge to help you succeed

We are happy to be able to partner with VIT in delivering IT services to the organisation and community

Manager - ICT Services

Local Council

In regards to your employee and his support – he is very efficient and organised. We are at a stage that we need to work a little faster on progression now to best utilise his expertise and support. We are very happy with the changes he has been making to our platform.

Education and Care Consultant

Education Provider